Essential Photography Styles for Your Wedding

Photographers are artists, and that’s how you should view your possible wedding photographer. Each photographer featured on Marc Shaw Photography & Films has their own unique “vision” for their projects, which may include post-production editing techniques, a signature approach to portraiture, or the use of artificial light (flash) as opposed to more natural light. Your wedding photographer’s aesthetic will be influenced by all of these things. Your wedding photographer may specialize in one of several distinct approaches to wedding photography cleveland oh or blend parts of several approaches to produce an own body of work.


As a group, we have extensive experience with this method of wedding photography. We figured it was better to kick things off with the most traditional style before moving on to more trendy, modern favorites of young married couples. The conventional style, with its stiff and official atmosphere, reminds us of the weddings of our parents and grandparents. All the traditional, antique stances are included here. In spite of the widespread use of modern clothing and hairstyles, you can’t help but include some classic stances in your photo collection.

Dark And Moody

Using light to generate drama is the foundation of dark and moody wedding photography. Sunlight is one source, but special lighting equipment can also be brought in to provide the mood. For dramatic effect, the photographer will likely experiment with contrasty shadow and light lines.


Photos with a landscape in the background are called landscape photos, and that’s precisely what they are. This photographic approach calls for a pre-wedding location scout, but it is well worth it for outdoor enthusiasts (unless your ceremony site is in a scenic location).

Fine Art Wedding Photos

The goal of this kind of wedding photography is not only to record the events as they happened, but to transform the photographs into works of art in their own right. These pictures are more conceptual and will require some guidance from your photographer. Posing in front of ornate backdrops or other points of interest at your wedding location may also help establish the tone for your images and make them more aesthetically pleasing.


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