Protecting and Maintaining Your Engagement Ring

You’ve been asked to marry and have a gorgeous engagement ring to prove it. Maintaining fine jewelry takes more care and time than you might imagine, but it is feasible. When it comes to maintenance for your engagement ring, there is some key information you may want to remember.

An engagement ring is usually the most expensive and prized piece of jewelry a person may own. It’s understandable if you want to wear it constantly. However, wearing it during certain activities can lead to potential damages. Removing the ring keeps it safe and the metal and stone in good condition.

For example, you should take off your ring when using harsh chemicals. Swimming, cleaning the house, and even showering are all examples of this, as some body washes are potentially dangerous. You should also remove your ring before you go to sleep. Sleeping with your ring on can present a few problems. It can snag on pillows and other items, yanks on hair, and collects grease and sweat over time.

Remember that your beautiful ring is excellent jewelry and should be treated with care. Invest in a fabric-lined jewelry box, a dish, a tray, or even a cushion to keep it safe. There are numerous storage options available on the market to suit any design. To remember you to remove it before using bleach or chlorine-based cleaners, keep at least one choice in the bedroom and possibly another in the kitchen.

How about something as simple as washing your hands? You should be okay washing your hands if you’re using a light soap. Cleaning at home, in actuality, should only require a tiny bit of dish soap and warm water. Check to see if the ring is covered in hand sanitizer. Some soaps and hand sanitizers can include certain ingredients can alter the appearance of the ring. Sanitizer may also cause the prongs on your setting to loosen, letting the stone to fall out.

This leads to the second piece of crucial advice: it’s necessary to check and set the prongs on a regular basis. The best times to inspect your ring is during the cleaning process or before going out, carefully inspect your ring to determine if any damage has been done. If you have any concerns, you could take it to a jeweler for an expert evaluation. Some firms provide a yearly “prong check” for free or at a moderate cost. The jeweler can also professionally clean the ring to help it look brand new.

Maintaining a ring care routine will help your precious possession last longer. Additional maintenance instructions and a step-by-step cleaning guide can be found in the resource.


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